Maybe you are a web designer with no previous Shopify/Liquid experience. Perhaps you are an agency who needs a Shopify specialist. Or are you a shop owner looking to migrate from your existing Ecommerce platform to Shopify? Whoever you are and whatever your reasons, if you have a functioning set of HTML templates that you need converting for use with Shopify then look no further. 

I have experience with all of the above and can provide the service you are looking for. You should have at least basic HTML documents that represent an Index (home) page, some kind of product Collection matrices, and individual Product detail pages. You will most likely have some static ("About Us" etc.) Pages too, and possibly a Blog, maybe more than one. (See the wiki for more about Shopify’s templates.)

Optional Extras

To round out your custom theme you may want to consider the following optional services:

theme-based customer accounts styling

Shopify’s Customer Accounts are not activated by default. If you want to give your customers the ability to access their order history information, update their address and payment details, and have that available to them pre-filled on their next checkout order form, you can do that at the flick of a switch. If you want those pages to be styled in-line with your theme, I can do that too!


We are currently overbooked for large-scale projects. Check back next month.