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Kind Words

Myra Callan, Twigs & Honey

Thank you so much for all the amazing work on the website. I’m so happy with it! A+++++

Emily Doubilet, Susty Party

Super responsive, easy to work with, comes through in a pinch! Has completed awesome work for us over the years and we highly recommend him!

Will Leonard, Blu Kicks

Rick is the best at what he does. He's responsive, easy to work with and gets it done quickly. We've been through 2 iterations of our site since we launched and Rick has been instrumental in managing and executing both projects. He also is very helpful with the smaller/quick turnaround type of projects that frequently come up. Finding him when we first got started was huge and I don't know where we would be without him.

Mario Ortiz, Subtle Glances…

Rick did such an amazing job, we are so happy with the quality of work. Rick never said no to challenges that were thrown at him and he even suggested a few of his own. I highly recommend him and will always use his talents going forward.

Dave Rasmussen, Blue Cattle Truck…

Quick to respond, and provided the solution ahead of schedule. Will definitely work with again.

The Team, BONMOT

Rick was awesome!! He was really accommodating with our schedule and integrated some unique features to our site. The site looks really professional and feedback has been great. Plus, he was really patient with our lack of tech skills! We plan to continue to work with Rick and his team in the months ahead.X

Mike Maher, Taylor Stitch

Rick is absolutely top notch. He builds everything incredibly quickly and just how we want it executed. He is also consistently a pleasure to work with. We have never had a better experience working with anyone else.

Cody Reichers, INT Board Shop

Rick is awesome. Does great work and very fast. I would definitely recommend him to any shopify user. He keeps his bills low and is always available to us. Rick makes Shopify a much better experience.

Anonymous, …

The absolute best experience we have ever had working with a designer. We are beyond pleased with the work that was produced. Tricky3 went above and beyond our expectations and we look forward to working further with Rick and his team. Thank you!

Sebastian Edwards, Seven Boot Lane

Rick has been a pleasure to work with and has taken a “can do” approach to everything we have asked for. He is really skilled at getting the best out of Shopify and proactive about finding solutions. Can’t recommend the man highly enough.

Rachael Mann, LITTER

Rick is always a pleasure to work with. He is constantly making our vision a reality in just about everything we can dream up for our website. He is on top of every challenge we give him and is always on the hunt for new apps/design ideas to improve our customer’s experience. LITTER highly recommends him for any Shopify user!

Adam Mayberry, Die Hard Co.

Tricky3 is awesome to work with — I wish we had more money to spend so he can really make our commerce solution hum! Don't use anyone else.

Raja Ratan, Rye51…

Tricky is like a magician. He is very efficient and great at what he does.

James He, Superego Clothiers

Rick is the man! He is an open-minded problem solver who can bring vision to reality and tackle complex ideas. Rick was able to stretch Shopify beyond its basic features and implement some novel features. We will continue working with Rick into the future.

Ryan Kent, Soxfords

Rick has been great to work with! He can be relied on to get the job done, and done the right way. We have been very happy with our site and will continue to work with Rick as we continue to grow!

Will Leonard, Blu Kicks

We hired Rick to build out our current Shopify site and would recommend him to anyone. He is talented, responsive and easy to work with. Regardless of whether we’re working on a big project or something small, he is always ready and able to assist. Number 1 web mangler in our book.

Noah Applebome, BirkSun…

Tricky3 was a pleasure to work with. He truly cares about the quality of his work and wants the best for his client. He is not looking to finish projects quickly and get paid. His primary goal is to make beautiful websites and he is very good at it. I would highly recommend Tricky3 and feel lucky to have worked with him.

Kate Jones, Ursa Major

Hands down amazing!!! Rick is very “user friendly” :), making the experience understandable to those of us not Shopify gurus. He brilliantly and seamlessly combined my existing website with my Shopify. Highly recommended!

Jeffie Sigman, Jeffie…

I can summarize Rick / Tricky3 in one word: FLAWLESS! I knew what I wanted and asked Rick to make it happen. He jumped on it and delivered within my timeframe. Better than that, he educated me in changes I could make to my original request to create a better customer experience. Never thought I would say this, but I wouldn’t change a single decision about my store launch with Tricky3!

Mathieu Isaacs, TOKYObay…

Our Internet sales for 2012 are up 22% over 2011 and we only started the new site in May, so we are very pleased with the results.

Jon Smith, Plaid Goat…

I have met Rick in person. He is by far one of the coolest down to earth guys that I have worked with. He is a master at site building but more importantly he is personal. I can count on Rick 100% of the time. He continues to help my business grow. I could not expect a better person for the job. I look at Rick as an asset and as a friend.

Joe Mahan, Bloom Herbal Organics

Rick, simply put, is the man! Rick’s devotion, dedication, talent and expertise truly sets him apart. He has always blown away our expectations and genuinely cares about our success. He is not only our web designer, but also part of the Bloom Herbal Organics Team. We truly value Rick and look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Mike Maher, Good Acre…

Rick is quite frankly the most vicious web mangler alive!

Brad Schmidt, CADETusa…

Amazing. Responsive, detailed and totally reasonably priced. Worked with us on Shopify tweaks and Google Analytics optimization.

Nate "Res" Harvey, Crooks N Castles…

Rick is great! We will definitely use him again.

Emily Doubilet, Susty Party

Rick was really awesome to work with—very responsive, could solve any problem, and it was easy to communicate what we wanted and see it happen within a very fair amount of time (either hours or a day or two at most). Since I was not in the development stage, I can’t comment on that as much but when it came time to produce, Rick seemed to have it all down and followed each aspect of the vissio.

Myra Callan, Twigs & Honey

Super awesome to work with. Super fast, very affordable and excellent work. Our website looks so polished and professional now. Rick was so fast to respond to questions and worked with our speedy turnaround. Will work with Tricky3 again in the future and referring to all my shopify friends. Best developer I've worked with to date. Thank you so much.

Paris Isaacs, TOKYObay…

Rick was extremely positive, motivated and considerate to create & mangle our long time dream website. He always understood our needs, wants, & goals that made working with him easy,comfortable and achievable. I would highly recommend him and his work ethic as it was a straightforward approach to the project that resulted in a smooth & enjoyable experience. A down to earth and humorous individual.

Dinesh Parera, The Spicy Gourmet

Rick is highly knowledgeable and very quick in accomplishing the many tasks that required attention. He completed a re-architecture of my website, simplified navigation and attended to many of the SEO issues, tags etc. I continue to retain his services as I highly recommend him as a Shopify expert.

Van Wymelenberg, Indigo Night

This fellow is brilliant! Excellent communication, strong intuitive grasp of the issues (don't you hate explaining things like four times), elegant and appropriate design aesthetics, very strong technical skills, and a friendly eye on the bottom line. Very good business practices as well, prompt and detailed invoicing. Highly recommended.

Philippe Causse, Maître Philippe

I needed an html mail template for my Campaign Monitor account and Rick did it perfectly. He matched the look and feel of my shop and worked very quick. I am very satisfied.

Haim Hayon, Boutique for Children

Tricky3 is was very helpful with the redesigning of my site. He is fast, reliable, and reasonable. It is a pleasure working with him and he is on top of his game.

Carly Schneider-Clark, Fancy French Cologne…

We found Rick to be extremely professional. He always met deadlines and was not only attentive of all of our requests but always had a really great attitude about it. He really went above and beyond to make our site not only look its best but also function exactly the way we wanted it to—even if that meant extra work and research. We recommend his services 100%!

Ewen Chew, Changeparade…

In a word, Excellent! Rick did a great job of getting us exactly what we needed for our site revamp and did it within the budget. He offered us great advice on how to improve our online shop beyond what we had in mind, and we are glad to say that we chose the right guy! 3 thumbs up!!

Barrett Purdum, Taylor Stitch

I have dealt with a number of web-designers over the past few years and I have been more than thrilled with Rick's work. We continue to push the bounds of what Shopify can handle and Rick always comes through in good spirits. Shopify is certainly the best e-commerce platform around and Rick is the man to make stuff happen on it.

Gerry "Bruno" Burnosky, Bruno's Hockey Shop…

Tricky Rick (AKA Feejee) came to me five years ago and told me I needed a new website. I now have two Shopify stores, both built and updated by him on an ongoing basis. He knows his stuff and makes me money - what more can I say?!

Bergur Enghamar, Kamera.fo…

Being the first time I ever outsourced any of my work, I don't have a lot to compare with, but Tricky3 made it a really painless experience. He is very professional and did everything I asked for (and more), and then he came with a lot of tips and tricks on how to make my shop better. All in all: I couldn't imagine how his work could have been done any better.

Mike Aiello, DIFRwear

Pure rockstar.

Sean Young, Athleti.ca

Rick is very talented and professional. His work is consistently high quality, and he is full of clever surprises. Is think he can handle any Shopify design challenge. He's great to work with, and I highly recommend him. I was hoping he'd be my Shopify secret weapon, but I guess the word is out.

Tim Medvitz, Pop Outerwear…

Rick was awesome. Very detailed in his emails and very responsive. He created a custom template for us and was extremely adaptable to changes. We appreciated his casual yet professional style.

eCommerce Design

Websites and applications are an interesting mixture of art, literature and technology. They need to look great, read well and work properly! What you need to know is that I have an eye for color, a handle on digital imagery, a penchant for prose and a mind for code. I have a bachelors in Pyschology & Marketing, have been using computers since the ZX Spectrum and have been digging around in hypertext markup (the language of the Internet) since it became accessible to to the masses. I love the Web and I enjoy mangling websites for positive effect.

I adhere to the latest specifications and standards and utilise proven technologies. Well structured, semantic and accessible HTML—styled with CSS and animated with jQuery—are what I strive for. I specialise in building Shopify stores for creative independent minds with products to sell.


You may have a website that looks great, has interesting content and functions just fine, but if it receives no visitors then its of no use to you. An optimised website will rank highly for relevant search phrases (when entered into engines like Google and Bing, and portals like Yahoo! and the Open Directory)—allowing your potential customers to find you. This is especially important for smaller local businesses, but don’t worry about exactly what this means—just know that I can make it happen! I keep abreast of the latest innovations and available tools so that you stay towards the top of the list.


Love them or hate them, social networks like Facebook and Linkedin can work wonders for your bottom line. If you are a believer in spending money to make money then you may well also want to throw a little more towards online advertising. Facebook and Google Ads can deliver surprisingly good results and a multitude of other industry-specific tools are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional media advertising.

Email campaigns are another excellent communication tool. Forget “blasting” out thousands in the hope of a small percentage response. With intelligent list management and reporting that supports my creative, tailored, interesting templates and content, Tricky3’s 3Mail software will help you build relationships and retain customers.


Domain name registration, reliable servers and state of the art email-hosting all come as part of the package. This is a one stop shop. I am more than happy to work with what you already have in place, can assist in migration if you are experiencing difficulties, and can set you up from scratch if needs be.